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We didn’t get our hopes up. In July, just before launching the call, we made some bets and asked ourselves, “How many projects will come? We’ll be happy if we get 50.” No one had the faintest idea how it would go. Instead, we received 160 projects, mostly from artists, architects, creative talents and innovators, who interpreted the three themes of the call with great freedom.

These projects were not only marked by strong originality and vision, but also came from disparate places and trajectories. Jazzi went far, in terms of both space and being out of reach. We received projects from four continents, but as we had hoped, many also came from our region of Southern Italy, the undisputed protagonist of the Jazzi paths. When an idea can go so far, but at the same time can interest those nearest, means that on one hand our intuitions were correct, and that there is unexpressed potential to be activated. On the other hand, it means that now the responsibility for deciding, activating and producing culture in this territory is no longer an option, but an obligation towards those who have believed and invested energy in this project.

You have given us visions: we promise they will not be lost, but will be honoured in the second phase of the project.

Out of the 160 projects submitted, our association has identified 15 proposals that most accurately responded to our numerous requests.

The international jury, whose members include Mario Cucinella, Franco Farinelli, Joseph Grima, Ugo La Pietra and Chris Torch, has met to discuss and reflect upon the projects, offering their own personal contributions and visions.

Here is the shortlist of winners:


This proposed idea uses a mundane practice – the building of dry stone walls – to recapture the memory and traditions of Cilento, and to activate the community through a project with strong visual impact.

The use of local stone is not only sustainable, but proves to be a tool for regenerating the territory’s peculiarities and for celebrating the ancient practice of terracing, one based on artisan know-how that becomes memory when material cultural heritage is combined with the immaterial. Muricinari is a winning idea for its simplicity and concreteness, and interprets the call’s objectives in an epic and intuitive manner.

AWARD: 15000 euro

PROPONENTS: Andreco + De Gayardon Bureau + Paride Piccinini

Andreco combines scientific training, a doctorate in Environmental Engineering and collaborations with the University of Bologna and Columbia University in NYC on the sustainable management of resources in different climatic conditions, with an artistic path that investigates the relationships between urban space and natural landscape. De Gayardon Bureau interprets the project as an open work that is collective: a process of continuous exportation, contamination and intensification that identifies public space as the main place for research. Paride Piccinini holds a degree in Structural Engineering – Landscape Architecture and a Masters in Interior Design from NABA in Milan. Andreco, de Gayardon Bureau and Paride Piccinini have collaborated on projects and competitions for architecture and landscape since 2009.

Portfolios: | |


2.Reboot Feelings

This is a sensory journey that offers each of the five senses a chance to meet nature and the environment.

A poetic action for valorising the signs of the territory that are transformed into delicate and sustainable works of art, a bridge between the environmental and artistic dimensions that generates harmony and balance between these two elements.

The strength of the visual suggestions tells of the centrality of the individual and of the body that inhabits the landscape, with all its perceptive possibilities.

AWARD: 10000 euro


The “COBET” group was founded in 2014 by a group of ex-students of the Moscow Architectural Institute. This young collective has realised five projects and taken part in numerous architectural competitions. Group members: Ilya Ternovenko (team leader), Alexander Alyaev, Elena Borisova and Marina Skorikova.

Portfolio: website under construction.

To view some projects:


3.#Discotecajazzi Cilentan narrative topography

The paths created by the narrative abilities of people who take them are the focus of this proposal. The idea of recovering oral traditions through a process of co-creation with the community takes shape as a proposal for the active regeneration of the Cilentan area based on the ancient practice of migratory herding.

The choice to give life to converging cultural processes, the result of the coexistence between different genres and expressive modalities, represents an innovative model for territorial intervention.

AWARD: 5000 euro

PROPONENTS: Luana Wojaczek Perilli

Luana Wojaczek Perilli was born in Rome in 1981 and lives and works between Rome and Berlin. Her research investigates the relationships between the individual and collective dimension, between nature and culture, from the field of memory and narrations to science, sociobiology and social effects. She is a professor at the Fine Arts Academy of Rome and taught at Cornell University in Rome. She founded and developed the non-profit art space 26cc in Rome.



We hope you like them, and that you, like us, are waiting anxiously to experience the modified slow trails and to share in the potential change these projects narrate. This, let us say again, is only the beginning.


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